5 Ways Wearable Devices Can Turn Your PT Staff into Supertrainers

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Knowing your heart rate is so 2010. Today’s wearable fitness technology delivers data points that far exceed anything that’s ever before been made available outside of medical clinics. But what good is all that information if it’s not used to improve health outcomes and fitness levels?

When personal trainers and performance coaches are trained in analyzing data from wearable devices, they can provide tremendous benefits to novice and serious clients in reaching their goals. And that means happier members and improved retention.

Here are five ways wearables can take fitness training to the next level.

1. Improved recovery.

Few elements of fitness success are as important as exercise recovery. Today’s wearables can measure sleep quality, metrics that provide insight on stress loads to different systems in the body, efficiency of regeneration strategies like soft-tissue management programs and other therapies, as well as other important factors that determine what’s going right or wrong in a client’s program.

2. Accurate MAS data.

A cornerstone of baseline fitness, the MAS (maximum aerobic test) measures a person’s fitness level in a staged assessment protocol of intervals in two-minute stages. Today’s wearables can provide more accurate numbers to give trainers a clearer picture of their clients’ capabilities.

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