5 Factors To Consider Before Building A Wearable App

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Over The Last Few Decades, We Have Consistently Talked About How Technology Evolves Rapidly. But We Haven’t Previously Witnessed The Pace Of Development That We’re Seeing Now.

Just when we were getting great at building mobile apps, we have also had to embrace the innovative possibilities presented by wearable technology.

This trend is important to pay attention to as the wearable device market is expected to be worth approximately $34 billion by the year 2020 with about 111.9 million units expected to be available in the market over the next couple of years.

This means that wearable app development is well underway and the race is now on to build the next best thing. But before you get your hands dirty, what factors should you consider before building a wearable app? Let’s take a look our top 5!


Before you do anything, clearly device the purpose of your wearable application. The idea behind the app needs to be clearly defined with its intended use and the tools needed to achieve it.

Once you’re clear about what you’re trying to achieve here, it’s also a good idea to take a good look at the marketplace to ensure that there isn’t an app that’s overly similar.

While all this might sound silly to some, you must remember that wearables belong to a different product category than smartphones. In fact, they offer a different set of features and user experiences (UX).

Additionally, there isn’t much similarity when it comes to their mode of function. As they aren’t as robust as mobile apps, the approach to app development will also be quite different.

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