5 Business User For a Smartwatch

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That smart and tech-savvy computer on your wrist is good for more than just counting your steps and reminding you when it’s time to get up from your chair. Your smartwatch will be good for business. An always-connected, smart digital assistant can improve your effectiveness and ability to juggle those unending tasks of the workday. Whether it’s Apple Watch, Android Wear or one of Samsung’s popular Gear watches, you’ll find a lot of power to be had on your wrist.

One of the initial appeals of a smartwatch is that you can no longer miss an important call because your phone is buried deep in your pocket or purse. When you run a business, be it a small shop or a larger operation, not taking that call might cost you money.

How extensively you want to use this capability depends on the watch you get. The Apple Watch Series 3 promises the ultimate freedom since it offers cellular connectivity. So wander as far away from your phone as you wish.

If Apple isn’t for you, there are other choices. The Samsung Gear S3 or the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition both offer connectivity and work with iPhones and Android devices.

However, keep in mind that the cellular connectivity is going to cost you. With most carriers, you’ll pay $10 extra per month for your watch to access the mobile network. It’s a little steep considering you’re not going to use that much data, but it might be worth the freedom for those who want to be better connected.

Inspiration strikes at all times. Smartwatches give you the ability to dictate a quick note so you can expand on that thought later. Services such as Evernote and OneNote enable you to quickly add a note via voice while you’re on the go.

You can also check current notes or get reminders from several different services without needing to take your phone out of your pocket. Use the Apple reminders app or your favorite third-party service to ensure that nothing slips by. No matter your favorite service, there are several ways to make sure those fleeting thoughts you have get documented for later use.

Business might often take you on the road. A smartwatch is an extremely useful extension of the type of information you’re used to getting from your phone.

Updates from services such as TripIt can ensure that you don’t miss any important itinerary details. Also, regular calendar alerts and the ability to pull up a map get that information that much closer to you. It may seem like a first-world solution since that information is already on your phone, but the time savings and convenience that a smartwatch offers with your daily network interactions really add up over time.

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