4 Wearables You Can Use for Workplace Safety

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A startling shift in workplace dynamics between bosses and their employees is brewing — and it’s coming in the form of technology barely the width of your thumb. Your employees may already be using them, but they could also increase their performance. They are wearables, or personal technology devices that are worn by the user.

Wearables can track your sleep, track your steps, and even act as your virtual assistant—but they can also be used to keep your employees safer on the job. As companies continue to innovate in wearable technologies for the consumer, more solutions are becoming available for business sector.

Here are some popular wearables that are making a big impact in on-the-job safety.

Apple Watch

Apple continues to lead the industry in technology adoption, and with the advent of the Apple Watch it has made many of the iPhone capabilities now available at a user’s wrist. From taking a phone call to note taking, checking emails, to downloads, it puts much of the timesaving functionality on a user’s wrist. Additionally there are now thousands of Apple Watch apps that can also help an employee increase productivity and stay connected on the go, without the need for a laptop. 

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