4 Ways to Make Your One-Wall Kitchen Feel So Much Roomier

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Rental kitchens are arguably one of the most commonly neglected (and frequently accepted) scourges of the apartment experience. Worse yet: the dreaded one-wall kitchen found in many an otherwise-lovely rental apartment. If you find yourself with a rental that happens to feature the saddest one-wall kitchen you’ve ever seen, don’t give up hope. First, look at the bright side: One-wall kitchens can be great from an efficiency perspective, since they’re not going to take up too much room in a tiny floor plan, and you’re rather unlikely to ever misplace anything in such a petite space. The flip side, of course, is that they’re so small (read: storage crisis) and can often appear tacked-on rather than like a finished room unto themselves. Plus, in a rental you can’t exactly gut the space and put in something better.

For a one-wall kitchen that blends cohesively with the rest of your home and features more storage than you’d ever expect, consider the following tips:

1. Use the wall space above the counter for additional storage.

5 Ways to Make Your One-Wall Kitchen Feel So Much Roomier

Sky’s the limit, or at least your ceiling is, when it comes to how much storage you can add on to a wall. You can create an incredibly efficient storage system with shelves for glassware, hooks for mugs, pegs for pans, and a rod for frequently used utensils without taking up much space at all.

2. Invest in kitchen supplies you don’t mind showing off.

5 Ways to Make Your One-Wall Kitchen Feel So Much Roomier

If your kitchen is in the same space as, say, your dining and living room, set out colorful and well-designed pots, pans, kettles, and dinnerware right on the stove or counter (or even on that weird shelf created by the tops of your cabinets) when not in use.

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