21 Low-Key Brilliant Camping Hacks To Try Out

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Here’s how to make your next trip even better.

1. Cook eggs and bacon in a paper bag.

It’s all about the positioning of the bag. Get the instructions here.

2. Bring a jug of camping sangria to day drink while you lounge.

And TBH, most combinations of wine + liquor or juice + fruit will be just as tasty. Recipe here.

3. When you’re ready to pack up your shoes, just enclose them in a cheap shower cap to keep all the dirt in.

Also good for if you want to store your shoes inside your tent to keep them dry, but don’t want to bring the dirt in, too. More info here.

4. Crack eggs into a bottle for easy storage and transportation.

One 16 oz water bottle can hold up to 9 eggs. Get more info here.

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