20 Insanely Clever Parenting Hacks That You’ll Wish You Knew Yesterday

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Finding decent parenting hacks isn’t hard to do thanks to social media.

While some parenting hacks are simply words of much-needed advice, other parents have found ways to transform everyday items into solutions for common problems parents everywhere face. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

The ideas are so clever, you won’t believe you didn’t think of it first.

1. DIY a no-spill drink.

This mother just nailed it, literally.

Some toddlers skip the sippy cup stage and move straight to drinking from straws, which can get messy…fast!

Problem solved. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Toddler-proof a door handle.

This crafty mom repurposed old bottles to toddler-proof door knobs. It’s a brilliant way to keep your toddler off the door and repurpose expensive bottles you no longer need!

3. Make them earn TV time.

There is nothing wrong with teaching your children responsibility at an early age. Encourage your children to earn their TV time by cashing in completed chores around the house.

Absolutely genius! Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

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