18 Bizarre Yet Effective Car-Cleaning Hacks

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4. Eliminate Hairy Seats

source: Tumblr/careabearasara

If your pet has caused your car seats to be covered in hair, all you need is a spray bottle and one of those shower squeegees. Simply spray the seats with cold water, then use the squeegee to scrape the hair forwards.

5. Keep Bugs Off

source: YouTube/DT

Once your headlights and front bumpers are clean, you can spray a light coating of WD-40 onto them. This will keep bugs from sticking to these areas when you’re driving through insect-filled areas.

6. Keep Wipes On-Hand

source: Refresh Your Car

To keep your car clean in the long run, it’s best to practice little steps along the way. Always keep a pack of cleaning wipes in your car for spills, etc. If you tackle the little messes right when they happen, there won’t be any big ones to worry about later on!

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