15 Space-Saving DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas You Will Love

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6. Make an easy reach beside caddy

I had never seen something like this before, but I think it is a genius idea. If you were really struggling for space, a bedside caddy like this could even totally remove the need for a bedside table.

This DIY looks incredibly easy to make, and you could pick colors or patterns to suit your room. You would never have the problem of an overloaded beside table again, or a pile of bedside items on the floor if you don’t have one, as this would hold everything from your book to the TV remote control. You can, of course, buy things like this, but I think the idea of making your own is much more unique, and you would achieve a strong sense of accomplishment once it is finished.

7. Disguise your storage as a comfy place to sit

You don’t need to use this bench as a window seat, we aren’t all lucky enough to have beautiful big low windows, but having this anywhere in a bedroom is a great way to add both storage and a comfy place to sit on.

Shelf units like the one that is transformed here are extremely easy to find, and often not too expensive, just be sure to buy a sturdy enough one to sit on. If you covered this with a nice fabric and loads of cozy pillows, no one would ever know that it was supposed to be a shelf unit. These types of units often come with baskets or drawers that can slot into the gaps, so you could use them to hold your things or just as easily use the open spaces for books or shoes.

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