15 Space-Saving DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas You Will Love

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4. Up-cycle items you already own

I like the idea of taking items that you already own and adjusting them to create storage space, instead of always buying new things. That is the opposite of what you need to be doing when you have a small space.

This organizer mirror is a perfect example of up-cycling. In the example here, it is used in an entranceway for keys and things like that, but I personally think it would be perfect in a bedroom. Instead of a full vanity, you could use this mirror for all your hair and makeup products. It would even be an ideal place to store your hair tools like straighteners and dryers, to avoid pesky cables trailing around the floor.

5. Opt for double duty furniture

One of the best ways to save space in a small bedroom is by using every piece of furniture to its full potential, especially when it can be used for more than one purpose. Whether it be a stool that opens up to store shoes or a vanity turned desk, there are loads of ways to do this.

If you don’t require a massive desk for work reasons, one of the ways in which you can save space is by using a smaller desk and placing it near your bed so that it acts as a bedside table. In this example, the desk is small enough to fit into this little bedside nook but is still big enough to be able to read or type at. Not only will this save you space, but it will also save you money.

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