15 Space-Saving DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas You Will Love

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2. Make friends with the space under your bed

Under bed storage is so unbelievably handy. If you’re toying with the idea of getting a single bed to save space, rest assured that you can stick to a double if you use the space beneath it effectively.

Baskets, plastic containers, and vintage trunks are but a few options of things you can use for under bed storage, and the only requirements are that they are of an appropriate height and will be easily accessible. Speaking of easy access, boxes on wheels are great for sliding under the bed, and I think these wooden patterned ones look really cool. They aren’t the deepest, but if you are looking to store something like books or office supplies, they would be perfect.

3. Be creative with your bed frame

When I was a kid, I would have absolutely loved something like this storage platform bed. A heightened bed filled with all my toys and books? It’s like a bunk bed, but better.

Saying that I would love this just as much now, although I can think of more practical uses for the storage space other than for toys. This specific example is made from deconstructed kitchen cabinets and an excellent example of changing the purpose of something to suit your needs. You could really personalize this, choosing different sizes and numbers of drawers to fit with whatever you will be using the storage for.

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