15 Organization Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Feel Twice as Big

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Sneak in a slim cabinet

Chances are, your bathroom doesn’t have enough room for a shelving unit … but you might just have enough space to squeeze in this slim cabinet. It’s the width of a toilet paper roll, but has deep drawers for hiding all sorts of bathroom must-haves.

Or, add an etagere

The key to making the most out of a tiny bathroom? Go up. This etagere is basically like adding a cabinet or shelves to the wall, just without the whole installation thing.

Put a corner caddy in your shower

With four “shelves,” this tension-mounted pole has enough space for all of your family’s toiletries.

Opt for a ladder-style towel rack

Make use of back-of-the-door space with a ladder towel rack that lets you hold multiple towels at once.

Carry in a cart

If you want to make your mornings run more smoothly, you have to keep everything in your bathroom. This cart holds all the essentials, but can be rolled out when guests arrive to make the room more presentable.

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Hang dedicated towel hooks

You’ll never hear your kids fight over which towel is theirs again when you use hooks with their initials. This will ensure bathroom linens stay organized and (the best part) are dry when you go to grab ’em.

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Use your wall

Wasted wall space in a small bathroom is just that: a waste. This blogger hung copper cups to help her organize her makeup. This will also keep you in check, making sure you don’t own more brushes or glosses than you need.

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Prop up essentials

Forget the chocolate cake: This cake stand keeps items used on the daily within reach and provides bonus space underneath it for other odds and ends.

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File away hair tools

Instead of stuffing this organizer with old magazines, use it to stash your hair tools upright on your counter. This trick will keep cords under control, too.

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Use a desk organizer

Even though this leather desk organizeris usually stuck in the office, it’s ideal for makeup, too. The sliding drawers offer enough space for brushes, blushes, you name it.

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Spin fragrances around

Instead of storing your beautiful bottles out of sight, sit them on a lazy Susan to make every scent in your collection easy to find and organized.

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Treat makeup like art

Turn makeup into art with magnets. Put a magnetic sheet inside of a frame, cover it with pretty paper and hang everything in plain site.

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Pile up lip glosses

Use empty candle container jars to make your own lip color organizer. This savvy DIY is three times higher than just one stand-alone jar.

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Corral polishes in a jar

While nail polish isn’t quite as sweet as a chocolate chip cookie, it is a treat. And this container saves major surface space and keeps all of your colors in one convenient place.

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Hang tools on the side

All it takes are a couple of command hooks to place a wire container on the side of your sink. Suddenly, your blow dryer, curling iron and straightener won’t feel like they take up your entire vanity.

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