15 Genius Cricut Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

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5. How to “Resticky” Your Cutting Mat

Is “resticky” a word? I don’t think so, but it gets the point across so we’re going with it!

When you first get your mat, it will feel SUPER sticky. However, over time, it will start to loose the stickiness, so this is a great trick to make it last longer so you don’t have to replace them so often (again saving money!)

Simply tape off the edges of your mat with painter’s tape and spray this magical stuff lightly over your mat to get your sticky back.

Also, (bonus hack!) I mentioned above that new mats are almost too sticky. Well, you may want to press your hands all over them a few times to help “wear” them in before your first project. Also, make sure to use the right mat. The green mat will be too sticky for cardstock at first so you’ll want to use your blue mat.

6. Use a tennis ball to get vinyl to stick to textured walls.

Super smart! Makes the vinyl stick really well while being gentle on your walls. Win win!

7. If you lose your burnishing tool, use a credit card or old gift card to rub the design well for an easy transfer after weeding.

8. Cut freezer paper using your Cricut to create a stencil that is practically free.

A great trick if you want to make a wooden sign for instance.

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