15 Celebrities Who Completely Dissed & Dismissed Lindsay Lohan

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Is it bad that we can’t stop laughing at this? When Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Late Show With Stephen Colbert in 2015, she referred to the Mean Girls star in the most unusual way.

When talking about how she deals with her hectic work schedule, J.Law said, “I get Lindsay Lohan–grade exhaustion but without any drugs or alcohol.” This was an obvious diss to Linds’ problematic past, and little sister Ali Lohan spoke out against the comment saying, “I never breathe life into negativity but I stand by my family. Disappointed in Jennifer Lawrence. You lost a fan.” YIKES.


We’ve always known James Franco as someone who doesn’t care about what other people think about him, and he proved that when he included a savage diss about Lindsay in his book, Hollywood Dreaming: Stories, Pictures and Poems. The Disaster Artist actor has had a rough relationship with LiLo ever since she exposed their sex life years ago, so it makes sense as to why he targeted her so openly.

The 40-year-old dedicated a whole poem, titled “The Voice of Lindsay Lohan,” to the actress. It’s written in her perspective as says the following:

“I took James back to the bathroom.” You know why Amy put mirrors all around in here? Why? So you can watch yourself f*ck He didn’t f*ck me, that sh*t.”


When we hear Justin Timberlake’s name, mostly positive things come to mind. But apparently one drunken night in 2009 caused him to act out of character. The “Filthy” singer was having a guys night out in New York City when he drank a little too much and began making a big scene by singing and dancing. According to Page Six, a source saw Lindsay attempt to dance with JT, but he quickly shooed her away.

To make matters even worse, the source said that the former *NSYNC star was then spotted getting cozy with someone who definitely wasn’t his then-girlfriend, Jessica Biel. LiLo then took to social media by tweeting out “where’s jb cheater” and “why do people cheat?” apparently referring to the situation.

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