15 Celebrities Who Completely Dissed & Dismissed Lindsay Lohan

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We’ll be honest and say that it has been a long time since we’ve thought about Lindsay Lohan. It’s hard to believe that one person could have experienced so many highs and lows in just 31 years on this planet, and yet here she is. With the musical version of Mean Girls opening on Broadway recently, however, the blonde-haired actress has been on our mind. We’ve been getting an itch to watch all her classic movies and can’t help but reflect on the insane life she’s led.

Although she’s been in some of the biggest flicks, like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, she has also had some seriously tough times. We have seen her go through arrests, DUIs and rehab stints, just to name a few. When you constantly have the world looking at you, you get a lot of unsolicited opinions. We rounded up all the celebrities who decided to give their two cents about the 31-year-old, and none of ’em are very nice.


Justin Bieber should know more than anyone how awful it is when people judge you for your past, especially because his track record isn’t the cleanest. In 2013, A.K.A. when JB’s life started to get a little crazy, he decided to diss Lindsay in the strangest way.

It was business as usual when he posted a photo of himself surrounded by fans, but then we read the caption and were shook. Instead of having a sentence or two about why he likes the photo, the 24-year-old rambled on and on about paparazzi and the media and how he hates living a fake life. While that still may somewhat normal, we were really thrown off by the last sentence that said, “And to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements ;).” Uh, WHAT?!

The Biebs deleted the post and re-uploaded it without the LiLo statement (this was before Instagram had an edit button) and told TMZ, “I immediately deleted it and rewrote it so it would show what I was really feeling and those words are up now.” So strange.


Is anyone really surprised to see Kim Kardashian on this list? She is the queen of disses, after all. Remember when she was called out for attributing cornrows to Bo Derek? Well, Perez Hilton posted the photo to his own Instagram asking for reactions and the Freaky Friday actress replied, “I am confused.”

KKW apparently didn’t like the comment and fired back, “You know what’s confusing…your sudden foreign accent.” SAVAGE!

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