14 Tricks That Will Help You Survive a Life-or-Death Situation

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7. How to understand you were bitten by a rabid animal

If you are bitten, wash the wound right away in warm water with soap. Even if the animal wasn’t bitten, you might have some infection.

  • If you are bitten by a rabid animal, the wound will bleed for a long time, and after that, it will become red and swollen. Later, it will itch badly, you will develop a fever, and you will be irritable.

Rabies leads to death within 4-7 days. That’s why it’s very important to visit the hospital and get vaccinated before it’s too late (after 1-3 days).

8. How to signal SOS correctly

If you are in danger and you have no means of communication, you should know how to signal SOS correctly.

  • SOS signal looks and sounds like this: 3 short flashes (or sounds), then 3 long ones and 3 short ones again (. . . _ _ _ . . .).
  • After the signal, wait for three seconds and repeat. If you receive 3 flashes of light (or three whistles), it means that rescue is headed in your direction.

9. Learn to stitch all kinds of wounds

A good stitch can help you stop the bleeding, close the wound, prevent an infection and save someone’s life. This is why this is one of the most important skills in an emergency.

10. One thing that can save your life

A survival kit contains the most necessary things that will help you keep warm, find food, water, or give first aid. It takes very little space.

Take a small box and put these things inside: a few matches, a piece of the matchbox, a band-aid, apiece of aluminum foil, a razor blade, a fishing hook, an antibiotic pill, a small candle, a thread, a piece of duct tape, and wet wipes.

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