14 Tricks That Will Help You Survive a Life-or-Death Situation

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4. If you see a wild dog or a wolf

Wolves often attack when you are in their territory. If a wolf notices you, you have to step back slowlywhile keeping eye contact.

  • Don’t turn your back and don’t run. A lone wolf will not attack you unless you run away and provoke it.
  • To scare the wild animal, scream as loudly as you can and act aggressively. Scream, howl, speak loudly. And keep walking backward slowly.
  • If you were unlucky enough to come across a pack of wolves or wild dogs, don’t let them surround you. Approach a tree and try to climb it.

5. Make waterproof matches

Fire is very important for surviving in any weather, in any climate, but matches or a lighter can get wet, so you should make them waterproof in advance. To do it, just put a thin layer of transparent nail polish on matches and let them dry.

6. If you are bitten by a venomous snake

A poisonous snakebite looks like this: right after you get bitten, the spot will hurt a lot. The blood color may change to dark red or even blue. After that, the bitten spot gets swollen, and other symptoms appear: a headache, blurry vision, stammering, nausea, fever.

What to do: doctors don’t recommend sucking out the venom, because there may be some small wounds in your mouth. Through them, the venom may get into your blood. But if you are far away from the hospital, there is no other choice. You should suck out the poison d1-2 seconds after the bite, spitting the poison out all the time and washing the mouth.

Don’t push the bite or put a bandage on it. If the venom is concentrated in one place, this may lead to necrosis. Let the blood pour out- it will take some of the venom with it.

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