13 Secrets From Airline Employees That Few Passengers Know About

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Each profession has its own secrets, and airline employees are no exception. Some of them gladly share the details of their work on social media.

Op-cast.com found 13 such online confessions for you. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

13. Not all minor failures are repaired immediately.

Now don’t assume someone will allow the plane to take off if it’s unsafe. In fact, the list of things to be checked before the flight is enormous. Still, there are minor failures that don’t affect the safety and can be dealt with later to avoid flight delays.

12. Here’s the reason why there are hand grips at the door inside the plane.

They are meant for flight attendants in the event of panic onboard. When an attendant prepares the emergency exit, panicking people can accidentally knock them down or even push them from the plane. These hand grips will help the attendant stay upright. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

11. The captain and co-pilot are fed differently.

If one of them gets poisoned and is unable to pilot the aircraft, he will be substituted by the other one. However, this doesn’t work for all airlines.

10. Locks don’t protect luggage from being opened.

Hanging a lock on the zipper of your bag is useless, as it can be easily picked with a pen or pencil. This is sometimes done, damaging the zipper in the process.

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