13 Behavior Mistakes That Push People Away From You When You First Meet

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5. Self-confidence

Women prefer confident men. A grumpy and brutish man attracts more attention than a smiling guy. It’s a fact: girls don’t like men that are too happy.

And if a woman is too confident, men usually think that she’s reserved or snobby. If everything in a girl’s image says, “I have really high self-esteem,” a man is unlikely to ask her out. So a wide smile will definitely attract a gentlemen’s attention.

4. Non-heroic appearance

Small facial scars can really enhance a man’s attractiveness. But as a rule, they attract short-term relationships only — people need other kinds of qualities to build a long-term relationship. But don’t go too far!

3. Laziness

Active people are more likely to meet a partner. Lazy people are less successful, and it’s not just because they spend a lot of time at home watching TV. It’s all about our psychological mechanisms: ancient peoples didn’t like those who preferred to do nothing and thought they were useless. Modern people think the same way.

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