13 Behavior Mistakes That Push People Away From You When You First Meet

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Why do some people attract others attention and some just spend time all alone? It turns out that it’s not just about our appearance and personal qualities. Some habits literally push us away from a person and we just don’t want to talk to them. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Op-cast.com loves romantic stories and knows almost everything about finding true love. Today, we’ll tell you about the main reasons that might stop you from being happy and building a strong relationship.

13. Illiteracy

If you haven’t found your love yet, it’s probably time to review some spelling rules. According to a poll conducted on match.com, an online dating site, 96% of women aren’t interested in chatting with an ignorant person. By the way, men are less strict when it comes to grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, most respondents are likely to pay more attention to correct spelling, than to a potential partner’s excess weight or self-doubt. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

12. Sleep deprivation

We should get enough sleep before a date or an important meeting since people who suffer from a lack of sleep look less attractive. It’s not just about our appearance: people unknowingly try to avoid those who look unhealthy. What’s more, sleep deprivation makes us nervous and grumpy. Scientists claim: it’ll take you a couple of nights without sleep to start pushing people away from you. But if you get enough rest, people around you will treat you as a reliable and friendly person.

11. Stress

In a stressful situation, our body launches a chemical “factory” where the adrenal glands release the hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and prolactin (in women.) A high cortisol level causes you to pushpotential partners away from you. You don’t even have to see each other in person: just seeing photos of you will reveal that you’re overwhelmed with stress.

10. No hobbies

You don’t have to be incredibly beautiful to attract the opposite gender. A study conducted on an online dating site has shown that creative people are as popular as beautiful ones. What does that mean?

  • Men prefer women who like sports, dancing, traveling, and art.
  • Women dream about men who travel, work out, cook, and don’t sleep at the movies.
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