12 Random Yet Useful Ways To Use Hydrogen Peroxide

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4. Cleans Countertops

source: Horizon Construction & Remodeling

If you really want to disinfect your kitchen counters and bathroom vanities, spray them with some hydrogen peroxide before wiping them down. This will kill germs on the spot!

5. Cleans Grout

source: Ichrindia

If the grout in your floor, shower, or kitchen backsplash is filled with dirt and grime, just mix together a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Use a toothpaste or other small bristle brush to wipe the solution into the grout, then let it sit for about an hour. After a small amount of scrubbing, the grout will come clean again.

6. Tackles Foot Fungus

source: Inhabitat

If you suspect you might have a fungal infection on your toes or feet, mix together some hydrogen peroxide and hot water in a shallow tub. Soak your feet in the solution and the hydrogen peroxide will work to fight off any bacteria.

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