12 Habits Only Very Polite People Have

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Being courteous is very important for our social and business lives. But sometimes it can bring us or the other people pain. The essential rule of being polite is to show respect. But we tend to feel a thin line between being respectful and becoming a soft target for all the bad in this world or conversely, being rude.

At Op-cast.com, we’ve made a list of habits only remarkably polite people have. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. They let the host sit first, and they never sit last.

As a part of business etiquette, it is considered polite to remain standing until your host has taken their seat. If there is no host, then you should not sit until the most senior person at the table sits. But if you’re the youngest employee in a meeting or a conference, you don’t have to wait for everyone else to sit. This behavior might be inconvenient to others and be interpreted as “a wish to stay in the circle” which isn’t always so good for your career. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. They agree to help, but don’t let people walk all over them.

Politeness means having respect, but to respect others, you should first learn to respect yourself. It’s nice to give a hand here and there and to be an effective employee, but don’t convert into a “yes man”. People will just consider you to be weak and force you into to saying yes, even if you refuse to do something. They will try to pile up work on you even if you’re already loaded.

3. They give advice when asked, but they never decide for you.

This refers mainly to ordering for someone in a restaurant or deciding something for a person when they should be deciding it for themselves. Yes, it’s polite to help when asked. Especially, if the person asks you to choose for them. But you should do it gracefully. Polite people always remember that what is right for themselves may not be right for others. And they always allow the other adult to order for themselves, so they won’t feel embarrassed.

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