12 Creative Ideas For Organizing Your Jewelry

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It is time to ditch the jewelry box, ladies! There is no reason for our precious jewels to be stored at the bottom of some old, boring box. It is time to get creative and use our jewelry storage as functional decor pieces. You get the best of both worlds with these clever DIY jewelry storage ideas. Not only is your jewelry organized, but you are also bringing life and creativity to your room. So forget about stashing your jewelry away, get it out, and make one of these creative jewelry organizers.These DIYs will add a decorative element to your room and make it easy to grab your jewelry and go! Let me know which one would suit your style best. I love the idea of #12. It is so pretty, but also very clever!

1. Utensil Tray

This DIYer put her thriftiness to good use when she upcycled this old wood utensil tray into a gorgeous jewelry holder. 

2. Framed Burlap

Use an old frame and some patterned burlap to create a rustic-looking earring holder.

3. Three-Tired Tray

Old cups and plates make the perfect materials for a three-tiered jewelry tray.

4. Canvas And Hooks

Have a place to hang your jewelry and get a little art for your room with this DIY.

5. Ring Holder

The rings that you wear every day deserve a special place of their own. This will do the trick!

6. Plastic Storage Upcycle

Repurpose one of those cheap plastic storage units into something worthwhile. These shallow pull-out drawers make a great spot to store stud earrings. Cut a piece of foam to fit the drawer and you are all set!

7. Corks

Save your corks and upcycle them into a chic jewelry holder.

8. Copper Pipe

Copper seems to be all the rage lately, so why not use some copper pipe to make a jewelry holder.

9. Wood Log Slice Ring Holder

Never dig to the bottom of your jewelry box to find your rings again! Make a wood log slice ring holder. I love this idea!

10. Cork Board

Get out your stencils and stamps and jazz up pieces of cork to make this fun jewelry holder.

11. Utensil Canister Upgrade

I have three of these IKEA utensil canisters sitting on my counter, and I am tired of using them to store utensils. I am going to upcycle one for this clever DIY!

12. Secret Jewelry Storage

For those who like their jewelry hidden, this DIY is for you!

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