12 BBQ Hacks That Will Have Everyone Calling You “Grill Master”

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9. DIY Warming Rack

Most modern barbecues have a warming rack, but this likely isn’t the case if you have a charcoal barbecue. To make your own warming rack, just buy a small, separate rack from any kitchen store and use tin cans to prop it up over the grill.

10. It’s All About The Marinade

A meat’s marinade will make or break how good it tastes. Click here for a list of 12 BBQ marinades to try on chicken, pork, beef, and more.

11. The Perfect Camping Breakfast Sandwich

An experienced grill master knows how to barbecue in less than ideal conditions. Click here to find out how to BBQ a delicious breakfast sandwich while camping without all the luxuries of home.

12. BBQ Desserts

And last but certainly not least, every grill master should know how to make dessert using their barbecue! Click here to learn how to make a delicious s’mores dip using a cast iron skillet and your BBQ.

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