12 BBQ Hacks That Will Have Everyone Calling You “Grill Master”

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Summertime is all about sun, sand, and of course, barbecuing. Maybe you’re not very confident when it comes to grilling. Or maybe you already consider yourself to be a seasoned grill master. No matter how new or experienced you are to grilling, these genius BBQ hacks will take your food game to the next level. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Use Tinfoil To Clean Your Grill

Wire BBQ brushes can be dangerous grill cleaning tools, as they often shed the metal bristles which can then become stuck in your food. Just ball up a piece of aluminum foil and use your tongs to clean the grill instead. DIY, DIY, DIY, Recipes, recipes

2. Cook Fish On Top Of Lemon

Fish is one of the hardest things to barbecue as it always seems to get stuck to the grill. To avoid sticking, flaking, and falling through, simply cook your fish on top of lemon slices. It will also give the dish an amazing flavor. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

3. Use Two Skewers, Not One

If you’re in the habit of barbecuing meat on skewers, you’ve probably noticed how they always twist and never stay in the spot you want them to. Just stick an extra skewer in each kebab and they will stay upright and cook more evenly. Recipes, recipes, recipes

4. DIY Smoker

If you’ve always wanted a meat smoker but only have a barbecue, that’s good enough! Click hereto learn how to make a quick and easy DIY meat smoker using your barbecue. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

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