11 Office Organization Ideas for Your Most Productive Self

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Considering all of the time you spend at the actual office, your home office should serve as a respite. Employ a few tips and tricks to keep it organized, and you’ll wish you could WFH all day, every day

1. Matching Boxes

Fabric-covered bins can hide your overflowing stationery collection in style. Decorator Amir Khamneipur stacks his on brass-trimmed shelves in his Manhattan home office, and conceals the whole station with lacquered pocket doors when entertaining.

2. Cute Cart

A rolling caddy provides a bigger work surface and more drawers for ongoing projects. Plus, the semi-transparent plastic reveals just enough of what’s inside without adding visual clutter.

3. Simple Shelves

IKEA comes to the rescue yet again in Sam Allen’s apartment. Kallax shelves transformed an alcove into an office with niches for eye-popping containers. A white chair and West Elm deskcomplete the setup.

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