11 Easy Tricks for Making Your Photos Truly Unforgettable

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7. Foreground

While making your shot deeper, don’t forget about the foreground: if you add something to it, some object, the audience will feel more involved.

8. Shadows and reflections

Use these elements to make your picture more interesting and dramatic. You can create a visual ’dialogue’ between the subject and its reflection (shadow).

9. The golden hour and the blue hour

’Golden hour’ — the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when contrast seem to be reduced, and light becomes softer and warmer. With this online calculator you can find out the exact time of the ’golden’ hour in your current location.

The ’blue hour’ lasts for about 20-30 minutes during dawn each morning and dusk each evening, when the light becomes predominantly blue. On this site you can find out when this magical time will come.

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