11 Clever Psychological Tricks That Everyone Should Know

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Whenever a person seems to be hiding something while talking to you, don’t ask them again and again. Just look in their eyes. The prolonged eye contact will make them feel too uncomfortable and guilty to lie to you, and they will tell the truth.

It’s simple: if you want a discount, ask if you can have it for free. The thing is that people feel bad rejecting you the first time, so they will be much nicer the second time.

This is another trick which will convince someone to do you a favor. Apparently, it is very important which ear you talk into. Words heard by the right ear affect our logical reasoning, whereas the left ear is responsible for our feelings. Therefore, you should ask someone about their business while standing on their right, but compliments and romantic confessions should be heard from the person’s left.

Whenever someone looks you in the eye, it feels like they are attentively listening to you. Thus, if you like someone and would like to build a future together, try to study and remember their eye color whenever they talk. The look you give them will make them more fond of you.

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