11 Celebrities Who Unknowingly Had a Hardcore Fake-Tan Fail

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Gigi Hadid, is that you? The supermodel is known for having decently tanned skin all year round, but when she showed up to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards it was on another level.

Unlike most people on this list, the model’s fake tan was actually super even and streak-free, but the intensity of it is what made it stand out. We also don’t think wearing a yellow dress helped with the situation because it just made the tan all the more noticeable!


This is an all-around unfortunate situation. When Christina Aguilera performed at Etta James’ funeral in 2012, all anyone could pay attention to was the mysterious drips coming down her leg, not her stunning voice belting out “At Last.”

At first, people thought the singer got her period or maybe even peed herself a little bit, but it was actually a case of a bad spray tan. The streaks were the tan running down her leg because she was sweating and it wasn’t given enough time to set.


Jennifer Lawrence usually has a nice glow during the summer, but she was barely recognizable when she attended Paris Fashion Week in 2015.

Not only was her fake tan on the orange side, but it was streaky and super obvious. The area around her eyes was way lighter than the rest of face and her legs were a completely different color than her arms and face, which is a rookie mistake.

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