10 Ways A Fitbit Makes You Healthier & Lose Weight

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When it comes to getting fit or losing weight, a Fitbit can really make a difference. We’ve come up with ten good reasons why investing in one of these handy gadgets could transform your lifestyle.

1. Get the big picture

Because the gadget monitors your activity 24/7, it’s easier to get a good picture of exactly how much exercise you’re undertaking. Many people over- or under-estimate their activity levels; a Fitbit takes the guess work out of working out your exercise levels. When rocking a reliable and versatile tracker there are just no excuses.

2. Accurate measurements & Minimalistic design

It’s virtually impossible to guess accurately when it comes to working out how many calories have been burned during the day. A Fitbit is personalised to your individual profile, enabling users to know exactly how many calories they’ve used. A brilliant battery life is easily topped up with an ambiguous designed Fitbit charger cable clamp. They can be recharged from any USB powered port which helps avoid your Fitbit getting a flat battery. Having a minimalist approach with the user interface make them even suitable for older Mums, Dads, and even the Grandparents out there!

3. Monitor your sleep

Because Fitbits can be worn during the night, they can yield valuable information about the quality of your rest. Given the importance of a good night’s sleep when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, the Fitbit can give you the data you need to tweak your sleep routine appropriately.

4. Encouragement to do a little

Fitbits monitor every bit of activity you complete. This helps you to see how little changes in activity levels, such as using stairs rather than the lift or walking just a little more, can add up to a significant amount of calories burned – a great motivator!

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