10 Tampon Hacks That Can Really Save The Day

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5. Use Tampons to Deodorize Shoes

In addition to your car or closet, tampons with a dab of essential oil on them work perfectly when deodorizing your shoes. Simply place the essential oil-infused tampon into your shoes when you are not wearing them. Just remember to take the tampons out before you put them back on.

6. Use Tampons as Hair Curlers

Another great use for tampons is as impromptu hair curlers. Remove them from their casing and fasten your hair around them. They are the perfect shape for curls and you can even sleep on them if you plan on curling your hair overnight. They also won’t pull your hair and are lighter than regular curlers.

7. Use Tampons as Kindling

If you are in the woods and need to start a fire but find that you have no kindling on hand, you can use tampons instead. The material that tampons are made from, cotton, is very flammable and should allow you to start a fire in no time. As a matter of fact, it might be wise to keep a few in your emergency kit.

8. Use Tampons to Make Crafts

You can even use tampons to paint with, and they make perfect polka dots. In addition to paint, you can use a tampon to spread glue in a pinch or even to help clean up wayward paint on your craft project. If you find that the paint or glue on the end of your tampon has dried, simply cut it off using scissors.

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