10 Secrets for Wearing High Heels Like a True Lady

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Many men would say that there’s nothing funnier than a woman wearing high heels while not being able to walk in them. It’s so tempting, though, to buy such shoes and feel like a top model! cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

To help you feel comfortable and confident in your favorite footwear, we at Bright Side would like to draw your attention to these tips from WikiHow.

1. Take small steps

To look elegant, you should take small and slow steps without bending your knees more than usual. If you try to take big steps, as we normally do in everyday shoes, your gait will look unnatural. So, if you’re resolved to conquer the height, you’ll have to be in no hurry. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Step from heel to toe

To make your pace look natural, you should first place your heels on the ground and then smoothly move to the toes. When the arch of your foot takes on your weight, tilt it forward, as if beginning to tiptoe, and then push yourself further to make the next step.

3. Hold your back straight

A beautiful woman can’t be so without impeccable posture. Square your shoulders, and keep your chin parallel to the floor. This way, your abdominal muscles will tighten, your stomach will flatten, and you’ll look thinner and lighter.

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