10 Powerful Psychology Tricks to Get What You Want

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7. Don’t think. Believe!

A puppet master’s main task is to eliminate a victim’s awareness and deprive it of the ability to form logical questions by imposing the idea of mindless believing. You think that you make your own decisions, but it’s an illusion. The manipulator can successfully plant any idea in your mind.

To avoid it, just stop and think about the following: “What might happen if I don’t achieve these goals?” You’re sad when you don’t satisfy your own needs, but you don’t need to care about imposed ones.

6. Door-in-the-face technique

You can tug someone’s feelings of guilt and favor to get what you want. They are most likely to agree to a second, more reasonable request in comparison to a big one you asked for first. Moreover, they might feel obliged and pleased when they help you.

In this case, you need to understand that when someone makes you a favor, just a thank you might be enough. You don’t have to pay back every good deed that was done for you.

5. Nontrivial vocabulary

When we use special terminology, we intentionally make our opponent’s intellectual status lower. The opponent might feel severe discomfort due to his own incompetence. To break his confidence completely, try to quote famous people. Now you can direct the conversation in any direction you want.

4. Fragmentation method

The point is that you hide some facts about your life and intentionally put others on display. Positive facts are more common in all life aspects. However, a specific fact taken out of context will not reflect the whole situation.

For example, a manicurist hurts you by accident when you moved your hand. You’ll leave with a bad impression about the salon in general and all the workers in there, but it doesn’t mean they are all bad.

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