10 Hottest ‘Top-To-Toe’ Wearable Gadgets

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The thing with electronic gadgets is that it is a display of your taste, your style and even your personality – from the decal you choose to put your Mac or iPad Mini, the favorite geeky T-shirt you wear to class or work, or even your choice of tablets. But now we can take this up a notch by putting on our favorite wearable gadgets that don’t just look good but works great as well.

We’ve compiled a series of functional and fashionable items that have the appearance of everyday apparel camouflaging simple but powerful gadgetry. Some of them are already in the open market, while others are still in the concept stages, awaiting to make its debut to excited fans.

1. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Similar to the notion first brought to the stage by Google Glasses, the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses was recently featured in CES 2013. The glasses pairs with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth and comes packed with Android 4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi and 4GB of storage.

Launch apps from your smartphone and watch everything displayed on the 800×400 pixel screen right before your very eyes (literally!). Enter the world of augmented reality with this cool wearable gadget.

2. Interactive T-Shirts

Geeky T-shirts aren’t exactly new, but put in some electronics, a few AA batteries, turn down the lights and you can actually have an equalizer dancing on your chest, reacting to the sounds around you.

Another kind of interactive shirt is one that makes sound – the electronic drum kit shirt has 7 spots that generate sounds when you push down on them. T-shirts like these are cheap to come by as they do not need high tech wizardry, just an electronic board that you have to remove before handwashing these T-shirts.

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