10 Everyday Things We Keep Doing Wrong

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4. Warm food in the drawer under the oven

Whenever you’re baking something in the oven, the drawer below it heats up as well. So if you’re preparing many dishes at once and need to keep the finished ones warm, simply place them inside the drawer.

5. Hold a juice carton by the flaps

A few sips out of a juice carton can leave unsightly stains on your clothes (especially true with small kids). Tell your little one that the best way to prevent juice from spilling over is to hold the carton by the folded-out upper flaps. Voila! Thirst well and truly vanquished and at no cost to your kid’s T-shirt or dress!

6. Put sausage on bread the right way

To make an ideal sandwich, take two large slices of sausage, cut them in half, and put all four resulting slices onto a piece of bread with straight sides facing outward. Enough to make your inner perfectionist jump with joy, isn’t it?!

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