10+ Clever Home Hacks That Will Transform Your House

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5) Use A Broom To Scrub Down Your Bathtub

If you’re having trouble cleaning those hard-to-reach places in your bathtub, use a broom! First, squirt some Dawn soap into your bathtub. Then, use the broom to scrub your bathtub. Finally, rinse your bathtub down. This trick is a great way to clean those parts of the bathtub that you always end up missing.

6) Use Seam Ripper To Clean Hair From Vacuum

After you’ve had your vacuum for a while, the rolling bar will typically get clogged up with hair and carpet strings. To easily remove this hair, use a seam ripper. A seam ripper will make it easy to unclog your vacuum!

7) Clean Windows And Mirrors With Newspaper

When you use paper towels to clean your window, the paper towels will often leave behind fuzzy fibers. Instead of using paper towels, try using newspapers. Simply spray your favorite window cleaner onto your window, and then wipe with the newspaper. This easy hack will give you beautiful, streak-free windows.

8) Line Fridge Shelves With Plastic Wrap

Tired of constantly cleaning crumbs from your fridge shelves? Line your shelves with plastic wrap! This tip will save you tons of time when you’re cleaning your fridge.

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